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Decho Kraev

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Hometown: Bulgaria
Current location: Tempe, Arizona
Current status:

Decho Kraev is a former Professional Ballroom dancer, specializing in American Style Rhythm. Decho with his wife and partner Bree Watson, has attained titles as a 3-time United States National Professional Rhythm Champion and a 3-time World Professional Rhythm Champion. He resides in Tempe, Arizona, spreading his knowledge as an instructor and as a Professional competing with his Pro-Am students.


Decho Kraev was born in Bulgaria and began his competitive dancing career at the age of eight. His dedication, talent and determination brought him to the highest levels of recognition. He enjoyed a successful Amateur career followed by coaching junior couples who also experienced great success. Decho moved to the United States in 2003 where he continued his career as a Professional dance teacher and competitor. There he met his Professional partner and love of his life, Bree Watson.

In just five short years, the couple had a remarkably successful Professional career which included becoming the U.S. National Theater Arts Champions, Ohio Star Ball Theater Arts Champions, Blackpool Dance Festival Professional Invitational Exhibition Finalists, U.S. National Professional American Rhythm Bronze Medalists, as well as regular Finalists in all major U.S. and Open to the World Professional Events.

Decho and Bree became 3-time U.S. National Professional American Rhythm Champions from 2011 to 2013 and 3-time World Professional American Rhythm Champions from 2010 to 2012. The couple has been honing their skills and talents in the dance world for many years. They have expanded their training to include many styles and genres of dance technique, but focused their career in the Ballroom world by dedicating their competition career to the American Rhythm genre.

The Hip Lift Technique

“In 2007, we asked Sammy (Sam Sodano), begged him,” says Bree Watson, “to please coach us.”

“He told us to come back when we made it into the final,” says Decho.

The couple wanted to improve their standings, but felt confused as to what direction to take in their practices. “We were doing choreography but had no understanding for the underlying technique,” says Bree.

“Finally Sam agreed to coach us,” says Decho and the couple flew to Columbus once a month for a jam-packed weekend of lessons.

Sam started with the basics: grounding Decho and Bree with an understanding of how he thought they should move on each and every step, and more importantly what occurred between the steps. “Foundation is everything,” said Sam.

Sam spent hours, - he rarely sat down,” explains Bree. “Examining his method from every angle.” Sam took 6 years to develop his Hip Lift Technique on Decho and Bree, from 2007 to 2013, and their diligent discipline culminated in a three-year reign as American Rhythm champions for Decho and Bree.

Decho and Bree were known for their tremendous technique and highly creative routines. They exhibited some of the strongest technical performances on the floor. Bree's exceptional footwork, lovely extensions and fabulous lines matched with Decho’s perfect balance, created a beautiful frame for Bree which illustrated an exciting and attractive couple as they presented the true character of each dance with elegance and sophistication.

Strength in Unity

Decho and Bree have been married for over 7 years and danced together as a couple for over 10 years. Their zest and attitude towards life is grounded in their relationship and respect and love for each other. They have spent almost all their waking hours’ together teaching and training.

Decho and Bree are respected as coaches and professional teachers and are solid in their values and commitment to their friends, family, colleagues and students. They have built up quite an impressive group of students spanning all demographics of people. This is due in part to their professional ethics and responsible nature for both dance and business.


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