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Toni Redpath

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Born: October 8, 1972
Hometown: Queensland, Australia
Current Location: San Diego, California
Current status:

Toni Redpath is a former professional ballroom dancer, choreographer on So You Think You Can Dance, and a Presenter on ASN Dance League.


Toni Redpath was born in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia, and started ballroom dancing at the age of 9, after accompanying a friend to a local dance competition and deciding that it looked like too much fun not to try.

At 18, Toni represented Norway for three years with then partner Jan Tore Jacobsen before moving to England and passing her Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing Professional Exams with high honors. Toni later joined her family in the United States and began her professional career as an instructor at the Champion Ballroom Academy in San Diego, California.

Toni Redpath formed a professional partnership with Michael Mead and developed a unique style that ultimately led them to setting a record by winning the Open Championships 4 years in a row (undefeated throughout) before retiring from competition in 2002. On September 28, 2000, Toni and Michael were married on the island of Kauai. Currently the couple are based in San Diego and coach many of the U.S. top competitive couples, as well as judging for competitions and traveling the world doing shows.

Since July 2011, Toni has maintained a YouTube channel and blog where she has provided expert commentary on Dancing with the Stars performances.

In April 2013, Toni launched a wedding dance instructional program on DVD developed for couples preparing for their first dance. The program, called Forget the Feet, consists of 4 DVD discs and a wedding dancing.


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