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Stanley McCalla

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hometown: Suffern, New York
Current location: New York, New York
Current status:

Stanley McCalla is a former ballroom dancer and national & World Class Adjudicator and highly sought-after coach. Stanley has over 19 years of teaching and experience coaching of professionals in the USA.


Stanley McCalla is a national & World Class Adjudicator and highly sought-after coach. He has been on the Fred Astaire National Dance Board since 1997. Stanley is also a dance board examiner for FADS and the official coach for New York University and Columbia University. He holds the highest levels of accreditation from both FADS and the ISTD.

Stanley is experienced in helping competitive dancers improve their technique in International Latin, Standard, American Smooth and American Rhythm dances, and loves to improving students’ skills whether they are beginners or have been dancing for a while.

As a competitor he was four-times United States Amateur Champions with his wife Jennifer McCalla and represented the US in Latin, Standard, and 10-Dance Championships. As professional he was a US 10 dance finalist. He is undefeated Fred Astaire National Champions in American Smooth from 1995-1997 and won many Rising Star Championship Titles at Eastern US in Standard, Latin, and American Smooth, along with Smooth Rising Star Titles at Ohio Star Ball Championships, Breakers, and the Texas Challenge. Stanley also appeared in the movie Dance with me. Together with his wife Jennifer, they were assistant choreographers for Adams Family II, and credited as ballroom consultants in the late movie the Stepford wives.



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