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Nicole Carroll-Rutherford

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Hometown: Brooklyn, Wisconsin
Current location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Current status:

Nicole Carroll has been dancing for over 30 years. Specializing in the American Style, she is a World Professional Open American Rhythm Champion. Nicole has been teaching dance for over 13 years and has won the Top Overall U.S. Pro-Am Female Instructor for 4 consecutive years in 3 of the United States largest dance circuits.


Nicole Carroll-Rutherford has been dancing for over 30 years. Prior to ballroom dancing, she was a gymnast. After a short time of being a student of dance, Nicole realized her love and passion for it.

"This was an amazing time that changed the course of my life and career in the grandest way."


During Nicole’s Professional competitive career, she had her greatest success when she started her partnership with Dan Rutherford.

“It was magical and we had an instant connection and shared in the same goals.”


The couple started competing in the Open American Rhythm division and were in every Open American Rhythm final from the start to the end of their career, which lasted for 10 years. After only seven months of competing together, they took part in the United States Dance Championships (USDC) and became the 4th official ranked couple in the U.S.

The couple went on to win major competitions throughout the U.S. and ultimately to win their highest accolade: the World Professional Open American Rhythm Championship. Dan and Nicole were also voted the United States “Overall Top Professional Couple of the Year,” two years consecutively.

They have been featured performers on America's Ballroom Challenge as seen on PBS in February 2007 as well as on the results show for Dancing with the Stars.

Dan and Nicole have also been seen on Nostalgia, Good Life TV, PBS's Championship Ballroom Dancing, Dancing with the Stars Christmas at Disney World and recently, in 2017, after 14 years from being retired, Dan and Nicole performed a Rumba while Linda Eder from Broadway sang live “What Did You See Inside The Stars” on Live TV for America’s Ballroom Challenge/Ohio Star Ball’s 40th Anniversary Show, “Legends and Champions”.

“It was so magical to perform again together hand in hand and feel the joy of dancing together again in front of a roaring stadium crowd. It was so special for us, a moment we won’t forget.”


Dan and Nicole have always treasured the moments they have shared together, grand or small, then and now. They have never wavered from their kindred love, passion and desire of dance. To this day they say, “We are so fortunate to have found each other as dancers and soulmates," as they became husband and wife during this 23 year partnership as well.

Passing on Her Passion

When Nicole was asked if she would want to become a dance instructor, she stepped back and said to herself, "What does my heart say?" The answer was, "Yes to dance!" A week later, she was in training and to this day still trains in all aspects of her career. Nicole has been teaching dance for over thirteen years now.

“The joy of the journey is to become more; my heart sings to a piece of music I hear and then I can express this through my mind, body & spirit: a 3-D workout. I love the quote of Albert Einstein, “Dancers are the athletes of God.”


During Nicole’s Pro-Am career, she competed and did showcase performances many times with her students in all styles. Many of her students became champions in their divisions. She won the Top Overall United States Pro-Am Female Instructor for 4 consecutive years in 3 of the United States largest dance circuits.

"My successful career has been due to my love, passion and desire of dance in all aspects. I love to help people be all they want to be. I love to inspire. Our Fred Astaire Dance Schools motto is to "enrich the life of others". I truly believe in this statement and know it is true. I’ve seen it over and over through the years of teaching and coaching others. I am so lucky this passion is my profession. It has truly been an amazing, joyful adventure."


Nicole is a Fred Astaire Dance Studios Inc. Regional Dance Director of Indiana as well as an in-house coach at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Carmel, Indiana.


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