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AIDA Dance Shoes

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Category: Dance Shoes
Established since: 1995
Established in: Moscow, Russia
Locations sold: International
Director and Owner: Vladimir Kotlyarov (Russia)

AIDA Dance Shoes is originally a Russian Dance Shoe Company specializing in DanceSport. Today, countries all over the world sell these shoes as they are considered one of the major brands in all of DanceSport in large part due to many sponsored Champions that wear their signature models.


AIDA Dance Shoes, a Russian production company of dance shoes in Moscow, has been in operation since the year 1995. During the years of its existence, it has acquired tremendous experience serving dancers.

Vladimir Kotlyarov, director and owner of AIDA, was a Professional Ballroom Dancer until 1997. His personal experience as a dancer in this industry has helped him to establish a company whose goal is to be a professional manufacturer of dance shoes that would be liked and beneficial to everyone, without exception, including dancers of beginner stages of Ballroom Dance to dancers of the 'super' class.

AIDA Dance Shoes is constantly working on new models as they develop new and more advanced technology for dance shoe manufacturing.

A number of high-quality dancers have selected AIDA as their choice of dance shoes for competitive International Style Latin and Standard. Among them include, Allan Tornsberg, who has danced in AIDA shoes for over 15 years, Dmitry Timokhin, a World Championship silver medalist as well as a multi-time champion of Russia among Professionals, Karina Smirnoff, a finalist of the biggest tournaments in the Professional arena, Elena Khvorova, the silver medalist at the 2006 World Championships of Russia as well as the 2005 World Champion in Professional Latin American Sequence Dancing, and Natalya Petrova a Professional Russian medalist.

Products Offered

  • Dance Shoes for
  • Accessories such as heel protectors, dance bags, slippers, robes, caps, etc.

Sponsored Champions


A branch of AIDA Dance Shoes is located in the United States under the name AIDA Dance USA. The company is also known as Kolosov Dance Shoes, named after its director Ilia Kolosov.

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