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USA Dance National Training Camp

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Category: USA Dance Camp
Dates: March (Annually)
Locations: Natick, Massachusetts (USA)
Years active: 2016 - Present
Organizers: Ronen Zinshtein, Mariam Izmaylova


The USA Dance National Training Camp is a DanceSport training camp sanctioned by the USA Dance Academy. Since 2016, Ronen Zinshtein and Mariam Izmaylova have organized this event in their very own Todos Dance & Fitness Studio of Natick, Massachusetts (USA) to prepare Amateur athletes for the USA Dance National DanceSport Championships with the guidance of over 10 World-Class instructors.


Since 2016, the USA Dance Academy has decided to establish a training camp for athletes preparing to compete in the USA Dance National DanceSport Championships. The top couples then are chosen to represent the U.S.A. at the WDSF World DanceSport Championships.

Over a two day period (Saturday, Sunday), dancers have the ability to participate in an all-day inclusive dance training camp that promotes a healthy competitive environment to prepare for the National Championship.

Even guest appearances are made by such stars as Kristina Moshenskaya and Marius-Andrei Balan who come out and offer private lessons to athletes attending the camp.


A day in the camp begins with fitness training followed by various seminars in International Standard, International Latin, American Smooth, and American Rhythm. Afterwards, private lessons are held. Simulation mock-competitions, known as rounds, are held later in the day as well so dancers can prepare better for what to expect on the competitive floor.

To better diversify the day, classes such as Tai Chi and Yoga are also added for students to practice mental meditation.

All age levels of dancers can attend: Juveniles, Juniors, Youth, Adults, and Seniors. All levels of Amateur dancers are encouraged to participate as well, from the syllabus levels to athletes in the open division.


The USA Dance National Training Camp takes place at the Todos Dance & Fitness Studio of Natick, Massachusetts (USA). It is run by undefeated three-time U.S. National Amateur Ballroom Champions Ronen Zinshtein and Mariam Izmaylova.

Four Ballrooms in total host the Camp. While the Grand Ballroom of Todos hosts lectures for the Amateur open dancers, the three other Ballrooms also provide lectures for syllabus level dancers. Then the Grand Ballroom is used for private lessons as the smaller ballrooms can be used for practice when couples have a bit of free time.

The Grand Ballroom also hosts a fitness class to start the day and sometimes a yoga class to end the day. Rounds are also hosted in the Grand Ballroom where couples are able to support their colleagues in an enticing competitive environment.

There is also a lounge for the athletes to rest in-between lessons and a fitness gym in-studio where one can physically work out, whether it be cardio or strength training.


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