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Sergey Ryupin

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Born: September 25, 1968
Hometown: Surgut, Russia
Current location: Moscow, Russia
Current status:

Sergey Ryupin is the current President of the Moscow Dance Union, the Vice President of WDC, and a former World Cup Professional Latin Champion.


Sergey Ryupin began taking dance lessons at the age of 13.

His successful competitive career began in 1995 when he started dancing with Elena Khvorova. Until 2000, the couple competed in the Latin Amateur Division.

Sergey and Elena wanted to win and really aimed to attain trophies and medals. They went to the gym and trained to the max in the studio constantly. Frequently, they attended major competitions to observe the other competitors, especially the Professionals, to take notes on aspects that would be useful to them in their own experiences.


In 2000, the couple became Professionals. Their first victory was becoming the Professional Latin Rising Star Champions of the 2000 UK Open.

After they moved to Moscow, they began representing one of the top dance studios of the capital, "Russian Club", where they trained for upcoming international competitions. Donnie Burns and Gaynor Fairweather were top role models for this competitive couple. Their top coaches included Victor Nikovsky and Larissa Davidova in Russia as well as Tone Nyhagen and Donnie Burns in England. They also worked with Alan and Hazel Fletcher, Michael Stylianos, and Lorraine and Peter Maxwell.

The couple competed in many prestigious competitions all around the world including the UK Open, the Blackpool Dance Festival, and the German Open Championships in Mannheim, Germany.

In 2005, Sergey and Elena gave their last dance as a couple, to the disappointment of many fans. They were five times finalists in the World Cup of the Professional Latin Division.

Coach, Adjudicator, & Official

In the year 2001, Sergey was first invited to be a judge, a qualified referee to adjudicate. This was the beginning of his career as a prestigious DanceSport adjudicator, judging many of the top competitions of Ballroom Dancing.

In 2006, he officially left the dance floor, after his split with Elena, and moved on to a different sphere of activity, devoting himself to coaching some of the strongest DanceSport couples of the world as well as adjudicating.

Sergey became a member of the Russian Dance Union (RDU).

In 2007, Sergey Ryupin was invited to play a role on the Ukrainian television melodrama - "Hold Me Tight", dedicated to the theme of dance. In 2012, Sergey was also entrusted with a role in the Russian romantic comedy "The Deal", directed by Andrei Silkin.

In 2009, Sergey founded his competition Autumn Star, also known as the Autumn Moscow Cup, held each year in the Russian CSKA Moscow Sport Arena.

Currently, Sergey is the President of the Moscow Dance Union and the Vice President of the World Dance Council, elected on May 28, 2014.


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