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"Technique of Latin Dancing" - Walter Laird

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Author: Walter Laird
First Published: 1961


"Technique of Latin Dancing" (also known as "The Laird Technique of Latin Dancing") is an educational book written by the Ballroom Dancing legend, Walter Laird, first published in the year 1961.


Walter Laird was a 3-time World Professional Latin Dance Champion during WWII who coached many future champions as well. His book is considered a necessity for those interested in Latin dance and choreography. Detailed instructions on footwork, movement and timing fill the pages.

Clear, precise and logical presentations of the principles and techniques of Latin dancing are presented within this book. The ‘Laird’ technique is used throughout the world for the training of medal test pupils, students, trainers, teachers and coaches and is also used as the logical foundation for routines created for every grade of competition dancer, from beginner to world champion.


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