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World Dance Organization

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Category: International Sport Federation
Officially Founded: 2019
Current President:
Magnitude: 59 member countries



The World Dance Organization (WDO) was derived from the collective desires of many competitors, teachers, coaches, adjudicator, organizers and organizations to have Amateur World Championships and other Competitive Dance Events around the globe, with equal opportunity for all dancers.

The WDO started as the World Dance Organizers in 2019. The Inaugural WDO meeting was held on the 30th of May 2019 in Blackpool, England. The meeting was overwhelmingly supported by the profession and principles of fairness, integrity, freedom, human rights and liberty for all were discussed. It was declared that the WDO would be dedicated to supporting these principles in dance and providing new opportunities worldwide, through a non-profit organization.

The WDO Community Interest Company is a non-profit entity and was registered in England on the 16th of September 2019.

All of the WDO World Championships in 2019 and in the beginning of 2020 were hugely successful with many participants in all categories.

Unfortunately, all of the other WDO World Championships scheduled for 2020 from March onwards had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, the World Dance Organization Board of Directors have been working hard during this pandemic and after many requests and a lot of consideration, on the 8th of September 2020 it was announced that World Dance Organizers would make the transition to the World Dance Organization.

The transition was completed on the 8th of December 2020 after the necessary changes to the WDO Articles of Association and Rules were approved by the WDO members.

WDO Events

These events are under WDO regulation, but organized in various countries each year.

World Championship – Professional Ballroom

World Championship – Professional Latin

World Championship – Professional 10-Dance

European Championship – Professional 10-Dance

European Championship – Professional Latin

There are also other events, which are licensed to organizing countries, and are open entry.

WDO competition rules


Lists of World Championship winners

Ratings, Reviews & Comments

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