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Eminence Junior Dance Festival

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Category: Independent Ballroom Dance Competition
Dates: Beginning of March
Location: Jersey City, NJ
Years active: 2022 - Present
Organizer: Sports Administration


The Eminence Junior Dance Festival (EJDF) is a one day competition, organized by Sports Administration, is hosted in Jersey City, USA.


Sports Administration is thrilled to announce the Eminence Junior Dance Festival, an independent ballroom dance competition organized with the mission of supporting the next generation of dancers and their careers with more opportunities for dancing in a united atmosphere.

It was due to the pandemic and the cancellation of many national and worldwide dancing events for children that prompted us as a non-for-profit to go and take on this event with only a time span of 3 weeks for preparation. However, we take on this challenge by seeing the beautiful outlook that we can establish for its' participants, all those junior dancers who continue to thrive and persevere in the toughest of times. For this reason, we feel it is our duty and responsibility to do as much as we can as an organization in return - and therefore run the Eminence Junior Dance Festival.

The Eminence JDF will be hosted on Sunday, March 6, 2022, at the Hyatt Regency Jersey City On The Hudson. This event has various incentives for studios, instructors, and dancers alike and prizes for all age categories and levels, including beautiful treats for the little ones, medals, and trophies. We welcome children of all ages, from the Teddy Bear division through Under 21 competitors, from the Newcomer level to Championship ranked dancers. The first five syllabus entries for solo dancers/couples are free of charge! Stay up to date as we post new and exciting news daily! We are looking forward to the beautiful future that we can create together by staying united and helping one another stay strong, and moving forward with determination!

Sincerely, The Sports Administration Team.


Eminence Junior Dance Festival (EJDF) is organized by Sports Administration Team.

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