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Arunas Bizokas

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Born: January 29
Hometown: Vilnius, Lithuania
Current status:

Arūnas Bižokas is a former professional ballroom dancer who competed under WDSF and WDC, representing Lithuania until 2007 and after 2007 representing the United States. 11 times WDC Professional World Champion, World Amateur, European, International, UK, and British Champion in Standard division.


Arūnas Bižokas tried many different sports, including soccer, basketball, and swimming, as a young boy. However, his mother loved Ballroom Dancing so much, so when he was seven years old, she took him to his first dance class as an after-school activity. Arunas started competitive dancing at the age of 13 and had a very successful career in juniors, youth, and amateurs divisions. He made his first finals in the European and World Amateur Championships when he was only 19 years old.


  • World Amateur Champion, European, International, UK, and British Champion.
  • 2005 World Games Champion
  • 2007 European Champion
  • 2009-2019 WDC Professional World Ballroom Dance Champion

Dance Partners

  • Edita Daniūtė
  • Katusha Demidova

Arunas & Katusha

Arunas & Katusha started dancing together in 2007 and have become an unstoppable force. After only one month dancing together, Katusha and Arunas swept the Ohio Star Ball Championships. Two months later, they participated in the United Kingdom Open Championships, where they were placed second among all the best dancers in the world. An unbelievable result surprised many people, including Arunas and Katusha. In 2008 they got elevated to the top of Professional Ballroom Dancing World by placing second in major competitions. Arunas & Katusha won their first World Championships title in September 2009, after dancing together for less than two years! They were thrilled to reach this pinnacle of competitive dancing. However, at the same time, they felt that they still had a lot to offer, and they continued working on improving their dancing so that their performances could bring even more joy and excitement to the audience. Arunas and Katusha are also reigning International, UK, and British Professional Ballroom Champions.

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