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Jürgen Neudeck

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Born: January 2
Hometown: Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
Current location: Paris, France
Current status:

Juergen Neudeck is a professioanl bollroom dancer, semi-finalist at the World and European Championships. Jürgen was co-responsible for the development of dance teacher and trainer education in ADTV as Deputy RLA Director. Juergen is instructor, coach, National Adjudicator for the Fédération Française de Danse,as well as adjudicator for the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF). He is one of the creators of "nnsquare".


Juergen Neudeck finished his active DanceSport career in 1996 in Professional Division of DanceSport with the achievement of semi-finalist at the World and European Championships.

During his playing days as a competetive dancer, he had completed the dance teacher training in ADTV for a period of three years. This was followed by the professional training as a dancesport teacher, trainer B and dancesport trainer / trainer A - Professional. All trainings were completed with the interdisciplinary course of the DTV trainer - Überfachlich.

After completing his competitive dance career, he began training as a theoretical training teacher ADTV. The aim of this additional training is to guide young people through the job description of the dance teacher, sports instructor and trainer, as well as the highest goal of being able to train and test theoretical instructors.

The training was characterized by educational content of ballroom dancing with all its facets to the perfect form of professional sports.

Jürgen Neudeck was co-responsible for the development of dance teacher and trainer education in ADTV as Deputy RLA Director. In London, he passed the highest exam level Fellowship of the International Dance Teachers Association IDTA with the content of "The Laird Technique of Latin Dancing" with the title Highly Recommended.

New Begining

Back in 2000, Jürgen Neudeck and Holger Nitsche, had a wonderful time in Miami, FL. From there they went to New York for further training and qualification in matters of Salsa.

This is where the idea to work together, combine their knowledge and take it further took shape. As a result, they presented their first rhythm concept "CHA CHA CHA Rhythm and Sound".

Based on many years of experience as dancers and coaches, they succeeded in developing methods for other sports, too. In terms of posture and coordination, dancesport is the leading sport and thus destined to promote these abilities in other sports.

Their innovative products and the respective methods enable improving fine motor skills and movement efficiency.

One primary objective of Their cooperation is to improve the quality of movement sequences, taking them to a higher level by working with their newly developed products and the respective movement software.

In 2011, Jürgen Neudeck and Holger Nitsche started the joint-venture business "nnsquare" which is based in Germany.

DanceSport Adjudicator

Aside from being a National Adjudicator for the Fédération Française de Danse, Jürgen Neudeck has been an adjudicator for the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) since 2011. He holds an "A" License as well as a "PD" License. Jurgen has judged many WDSF events including but not limited:



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