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Natalia Urban

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Born: October 25, 1974
Hometown: Moscow, Russia
Current location: Moscow, Russia
Current status:

Natalia Urban is a former Professional Ballroom dancer, specializing in the International Style Standard, Latin and 10 Dance division. Natalia is a multiple time Russian National Champion in Standard and 10 Dance, Bronze Medalist at the World Standard Championships and World Champion in 10 Dance. Currently she is owner and main instructor at the "Magnolia" Dance Studio in Moscow (Russia), National All Russian Federation of DanceSport and Acrobatic Rock'n'Roll (FDSARR) and World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) "A" Licensed and WDSF "PD" Adjudicator.


Natalia Urban is a former Professional Ballroom dancer specializing in the International Style Standard, Latin. Together with her partner and later husband Stanislav Bekmametov, Natalia became IPDSC World Professional Classic Showdance Champion, 2007 World 10 Dance Champion, Bronze Medalist at the IPDSC Professional European and World International Style Standard Championship, Professional Rising Star International Style Standard Champion at the 2004 The "International Championships", Finalist and Medalist at the International and World Cups, multiple time Russian National Champion in International Style Standard and 10 Dance.

Natalia was born in Moscow, Russia where she started her first steps as a dancer. She attended the dance school "Aleko" where she trained with Irina Rodionova, Valeriy Gulay, and Galina Gulay.

Life brought Natalia and her husband together at once, as if by chance. They met on the dance floor as rivals for the very first time at the "Baltic Cup". Stanislav then became fourth at this event while Natalia took third.

"My first feeling was, "And who is this strange couple from Siberia?" Stas also had a similar feeling, "And who is this terrible couple ahead of us?" Who knew that after three years, fate would bring us together."


But life had made its own adjustments and put everything into place.

When Stanislav arrived to Moscow from Siberia, the couple met once again. He didn't give Natalia a choice. He just said: "We are going to dance together." She told him, "No," and he replied, "Yes." He turned out to be right.

A proposal of the hand and heart that Stanislav made to Natalia sounded something like this as narrated by Natalia:

"It wasn’t as romantic as in the movies. It was like he always does things - specifically and down to the point."


They still remember the wedding day with a smile: "It was the first of February, it was still cold. We just returned from the UK Open Championships, and the next day we left for the Russian Championship in 10 Dance, which we won. Natalia remembered that the parents asked them to dance a Viennese waltz, and right after the dance, MC and photographers flew up to them with an offer to make money with such performances. They were going to become Natalia's and Stanislav's producers, that was very funny."

They have always been lucky for interesting people and teachers. At various times, they worked a lot with leading English, Italian and Russian teachers. And learned a lot from them. Not limited to only dancing, they somehow miraculously managed to get another serious education: Stanislav - the architect, Natalia - a lawyer.

After yet another victory together at the 2008 IPDSC World Professional Showdance Championships held in Moscow, Russia, the couple decided to retire from their competitive dancing careers, but not from dancing.

Natalia Urban currently travels around the world to lecture at various DanceSport training seminars, camps and congresses, to instruct dancers, as well as to adjudicate some of the most renowned competitions of the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF).

Natalia and Stanislav is a founders and main instructors of the "Magnolia" Dance Studio in Moscow, Russia.

World Renowned Adjudicator

Aside from being a National Adjudicator for the All Russian Federation of DanceSport and Acrobatic Rock'n'Roll (FDSARR), Natalia Urban has been an adjudicator for the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) since 2013. She holds an "A" License as well as a "PD" License. She has judged many WDSF events including but not limited:

  • 2019 WDSF International and World Opens Standard and Latin in:(Spain, Macedonia, Russia)
  • 2018 WDSF International and World Opens Standard and Latin in:(Spain, Italy, Russia, Cyprus, Latvia, Slovenia, Georgia, Greece, Bulgaria, Estonia, Switzerland, Poland, Netherlands, Turkey, Lithuania, Ukraine)
  • 2017 WDSF International and World Opens Standard and Latin in:(Italy, Russia, Netherlands, Latvia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates)
  • 2016:
    • WDSF PD European Cup Standard in Saint Petersburg, Russia
    • WDSF International and World Opens Standard and Latin in:(Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, Russia, Bulgaria, Slovakia)
  • 2015 WDSF International and World Opens Standard and Latin in: (Romania, Italy, Switzerland)
  • 2014 WDSF International and World Opens Standard in: (Slovakia, Russia)


  • Multi-time Standard, European Segue, and 10 Dance Russian Vice-Champion & Champion (WDC)
  • 7-time Finalist of WDC World and European Championships




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