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Simone Cané

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Simone Cané is a former professional ballroom dancer specialize in International Style Standard and Latin. Simone is a Italian National 10 Dance Champion, Finalist at many major competitions throughout the world. Simone Cané is a National and WDSF Adjudicator, Technical and Artistic Director of the "Pala Danze Bologna" and Organizer one of the biggest competition in the world "The Star Championships" in Italy.


Simone Cané is a former Italian Amateur Championships 10 Dance Champion in 1992. Finalist in major competitions in Europe, China, Malaysia, Japan, America and London, representing Italy in an excellent way. Simone has participated in important competitions such as International Championships, UK Open Championships and Blackpool Dance Festival ranking in top 48.

He has always stood out not only for his elegance and talent, but also for his extraordinary ability to perform choreographies of various kinds interpreting them in a technically impeccable but also very personal way. Characteristic of Maestro Canè has always been going from Standard dances to Latin American dances with extreme ease and elegance.

In 1997 Simone switched to the Professional Diviision obtaining the diplomas for merits of the following disciplines: Standard, Latin and Caribbean achieving the highest qualification required now in Italy as a judge. He is now a member of the FIPD.

Thanks to its clear exposition and enviable technical preparation, Maestro Canè teaches some of the best Italian couples in Amateur and Professional division in Italy and abroad. To improve his performances and to stay updated on the evolution of the disciplines he teaches, and participated in the Congresses of Blackpool and Bratislava.

To improve his performances and to stay updated on the evolution of the disciplines he teaches, Maestro Canè has participated in the Congresses of Blackpool and Bratislava.

Career Of National and International Judge

in 1997 Simone Cané has become National and International Adjudicator. Aware of the importance of the experience also in this sector, Maestro Canè has participated constantly in various competitions, regional, national and international such as Feinda, Alassio, Festivaldanza.

Now he is one of the most famous Adjudicator and for this reason he is called every year to judge one of the biggest Italian Amateur and Professional Championships. Internationally he was asked in several races around Europe where he judged several IDSF International Open competitions Poland, Spain, Czech Republic, Russia, Finland, (where he judged the Finnish championship 2005), various IDSF races in London, West European Championship Championship in Zabre (Poland) and Asia.

Organizer Of Important National and International Events

The technical preparation, the verbal ease and his intelligent resourcefulness led him to organize important events where dancesport competition are combined with fun and aggregation. In fact, Maestro Canè has held numerous conferences, not only in Italy in Training Camp, but also in Tokyo in Japan and in other important cities all over the world. Every year he is organizes the Great Gala of Spring, one of the most prestigious mundane events in Italy, where they perform talented couples of the best from all over the world. The Grand Gala in spring has always been very successful and there are numerous couples and teachers who need to participate.

Aware of the importance of the technical preparation of couples, and especially of senior couples, Simone Cané organizes every year the Senior Training Camp, in which senior couples from all over Europe meet, physically and technically prepare for the most important competitions. Maestro Canè, reconciling his technical skills as a competitor and dance teacher, with the notions of marketing learned at university, is a teacher in the first Italian Dance Academy of strategies and planning.

Moreover, Simone has occupied roles of great importance and responsibility within the FIPD: he was, in fact, a National Councilor and has held the position of National Vice-President of this Federation. Since 2007, Maestro Canè has been elected Deputy National Vice President of the new great dancesport federation MIDAS and exercises this role with inexhaustible energy and great responsibility.

Furthermore, for some years Maestro Canè has been involved in the organization of one of the most important competitions in the world: IL TROFEO COLOMBO, an important event in which numerous couples from the world competitive scene take part. Thanks to the creative contribution of Simone Canè, this competition has become one of the most prestigious, important and appreciated races on the international scene.



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