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Eastern United States DanceSport Championships

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Category: NDCA DanceSport Competition
Dates: Annually, Mid-February
Locations: Boston, Massachusetts (USA)
Years active: 1968 - Present
Organizers: Mark Nocera


The Eastern United States Dancesport Championships is one of the oldest Ballroom Dance competitions in North America. Hosted annually in Boston, Massachusetts in Mid-February by Mark Nocera, the Eastern United States Dancesport Championships is one of the three original Championships that were run by the USISTD in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.


In 2008, the USISTD sold the Eastern United States Dancesport Championships to World Professional 10 Dance semi-finalist Mark Nocera. Mark moved the competition to Boston, Massachusetts where it is currently held. Since then, it has become of one of the premier competitions in the country for Pro/Am, Amateur, and Professional competitors who attend the competition each year from across the country to compete for the prestigious title of Eastern United States Champions.

Each year, the Eastern United States Dancesport Championships crowns Eastern United States Champions in the Youth, Amateur, Collegiate, Pro/Am, & Professional categories. Former Eastern United States Champions include Corky & Shirley Ballas, Brian & Christine McDonald, Rufus Dustin & Marianne Nicole, Edward Simon & Katharina Marks, Wayne & Donna Eng, Diana McDonald, Alain Doucet & Anik Jolicoeur, Denis Tremblay & Mireille Veilleux, Joe & Nancy Jenkins, Ilya & Amanda Reyzin, Bill Davies & Amy Block, Frank & Victoria Regan, and Larry & Betty Silvers. A complete list of former Eastern United States Champions can be found here.


Mark is a World Class Adjudicator with the National Dance Council of America and the World Dance Council. He is a former North American Champion, United States Vice-Champion, and Semi-Finalist at the World Professional 10 Dance Championships. Mark is also a National Examiner for Dance Vision and an organizer of the Boca Ballroom DanceSport Competition held in Palm Beach Gardens each August.

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