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Eulia Baranovsky

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Current location: Los Angeles, California
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Eulia Baranovsky is a former professional ballroom dancer specialize in in four styles: International Style Standard, Latin, American Smooth and american Rhythm. Former U.S. National Professional Rising Star American Smooth Champion, five-time U.S. and World Finalist and was the 2007 World American Smooth Showdance Champion.


Eulia Baranovsky is Nationally Certified Dance Instructor in four styles: International Style Standard, Latin, American Smooth and american Rhythm through DVIDA, and is a certified championship level adjudicator in all 4 styles with National Dance Council of America.

Her numerous credits include all major Open Professional American Smooth Division Championships, four times U.S. and World American Smooth Finalist, and the 2007 World American Smooth Showdance Champion.

In addition, Eulia has performed at the International Dance Festival in Vail, Steps on Broadway, the Westchester Dinner Theater in New York, the Mohegan Sun Casino, PBS America’s Ballroom Chanel, TV-ABC’s Good Morning America and TV-ESPN. Eulia has been a guest instructor at The Juilliard School and Cornell University.

Recently Eulia has formed a very exciting new partnership with Max Sinitsa. In a short period of time they have competed and became 2012 U.S. Finalists in the Open [Professional Division of DanceSport|Professional]] American Smooth Division, as well as making a very prestigious final at Ohio Star Ball Championships.

Eulia and Max have been placing and winning numerous events through out last year such as: San Diego Dancesport, Yankee Classic, Desert Classic, Twin Cities Championship, Heart of America, Empire Dance Championship, Embassy Ball Dancesport, Holiday Dance Classic, just to name a few.

Eulia is very passionate about self-expression through art, dance and music. Her greatest hope is to help and inspire everyone to express their individuality and tell their story through dance and movement.


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