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Rozana Sweeney

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Born: August 10
Hometown: Zadar, Croatia
Current location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA)
Current status:

Rozana Sweeney is a former German Amateur Ballroom Champion and a Professional World Cup Finalist, now the organizer of the Three Diamond DanceSport Competition and the owner of the Art & Style Dance Studio located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Rozana Sweeney was born on August 10 in Zadar, Croatia. She started Ballroom Dancing at the age of 5 in Berlin, Germany with a vast competitive career throughout the country as a Junior, Youth and Adult Amateur competitor. Rozana represented Germany for 20 years in all major European and World Championships.

In 1989, Rozana turned Professional, moving to the United States in 1990. At this time, she competed with her German Professional dance partner and represented the USA in all major world-class competitions.

In 1992, Rozana started dancing with her now husband Terry Sweeney in the Latin American division and later in the American Smooth division.

In 2002, the couple retired from competitive dancing and opened the Art & Style Dance Studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. To this present day, she continues teaching competitive Ballroom and Latin dancing to children and adults. She coaches and choreographs International and American Styles for Amateur and Professional dancers.

In addition, Rozana and her husband Terry are the organizers of the Three Diamond DanceSport Competition held annually in June at the Hyatt Regency Airport in Pittsburgh.


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