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Founded: 2016

Headquarters: United States


Michellino is a luxury fashion brand embodying superior classics of vintage fashion, infused with modern elegance, based on the DanceSport industry. The brand, which empowers the elegance and sensuality of a woman, was founded in 2016 by Michelle-Angela Blank, an active Amateur Latin dancer representing the United States of America.


Michellino was founded as a result of the career of Michelle-Angela Blank. The currently active competitive dancer wanted to establish a new brand of fashion unique to the industry-specific environment. Not only is Michellino based on DanceSport, but it goes beyond just the dancing.

The luxury Michellino fashion line will include attractive club wear, dancewear, footwear, swimwear, lingerie, jewelry and accessories for the indulgence of both fashionable men and women all around the world.


Influenced by the need of young adults and teenagers to recreate and reestablish their own culture of self-respect, confidence, self-esteem, and etiquette, Michellino embodies superior classics of vintage fashion, infused with modern elegance.

Inspired by a combination of elegant wardrobe, upscale manners, and naturally soft and effortless moves that have made individuals stand out from the crowd, capturing attention and desire, Michellino empowered the concept of fashionable and glamorous Ballroom Dancing and has incorporated it into the modern era of teenage and young adult fashion.

Michellino has empowered the elegance and sensuality of a woman by the way of Ballroom - esteem designed fashion to provoke women with the strength of power and the confidence to view themselves as they are. It is no longer about sexual appeal, but all about enriching life with properly empowered glamorous confidence in oneself.



  • DanceSport Apparel
    • Costumes (Competitive, Practice)
    • Shoes (Competitive, Social, Practice)
  • Vintage & Modern Inspired Apparel
    • Costumes (Theater, Parties, Holidays)
    • Sportwear (Athletic Gear)
    • Swimwear
    • Clubwear
    • Lingerie
  • Accessories

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