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Ross Pearce

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Born: May 20
Hometown: Show Low, Arizona
Current location: Mesa, Arizona
Current status:
  • Adjudicator
  • Instructor
  • Choreographer
  • Dance Studio Owner
  • Licensed Master Massage Practitioner
  • Certified Yoga Trainer
  • Reiki Master Teacher

Ross Pearce is a former Professional Ballroom dancer specializing in American Rhythm and Smooth, as well as in Country Dance and Cabaret. A Professional and Amateur American 9-Dance Finalist, Ross is also a Licensed Master Massage Practitioner, Certified Yoga Trainer, and a Reiki Master Teacher.


Ross Pearce is a Ballroom dancer whose innate sense of musicality, timing and flair for entertainment make him a joy to watch and a dream to dance with. His passion for music began at age 5 with piano lessons, grew through his middle and high school years with musical theater and show choir, and evolved with him leading the marching band his senior year while sitting first chair alto saxophone. Soon, he came to attend the renowned dance programs at Utah Valley State College and Utah's Brigham Young University. In college, he was finally able to take that love of music and start learning modern dance.

It is there that he honed his dancing skills and teaching techniques in such areas as ballet, jazz, modern, and, of course, Ballroom. Soon after, while learning many styles of dance, he fell in love with Ballroom and took every class he could fit into his schedule.

Ross is a former 2001 USABDA Amateur American 9-Dance Finalist, 2008 NDCA Professional American 9-Dance Finalist and 2011 UCWDC Couples Open Showcase World Champion.

Ross brings his passion for perfection to the classroom as an instructor of Latin, Rhythm, Smooth, Standard, Country and Cabaret/Theater Arts. He has trained students all over the United States. Whether a social beginner just learning the basics, or a Pro-Am competitor looking to hone technique and performance skills, Ross's care, quality of instruction and twenty plus years of experience in the studio and on the competition floor are sure to impress.

When not teaching dance, Ross is a Licensed Master Massage Practitioner, Certified Yoga Trainer, and a Reiki Master Teacher.


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