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Paragon Open DanceSport Championships

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Category: NDCA DanceSport Competition
Dates: End of October (Annually)
Locations: New Jersey/New York (USA)
Years active: 2011 - Present
Organizers: Andrei Gavriline, Elena Kryuchkova


The Paragon Open DanceSport Championships is a DanceSport competition hosted annually in the New Jersey/New York area since the year 2011 by 3-time USA National Professional Latin Champions Andrei Gavriline and Elena Kryuchkova.


2016 marked the first year of the new multi-day Paragon Open DanceSport Championships (PODSC). Andrei Gavriline and Elena Kryuchkova are proud to have been able to merge what was known as the Paragon Open DanceSport Challenge and the New Jersey DanceSport Championships to establish a newly merged DanceSport Championships, a task they undertook over the past several years.

With the new vision and events for professionals, Pro/Am, and amateur competitors, Andrei and Elena look to further their original vision which they had for the one-day Paragon Open DanceSport Challenge. They looked forward to welcoming everyone who had been attending the Paragon Open over the past 5 years and hoped to host new dancers and spectators over the 4-day championship event.

2016 brought the 2nd Annual Halloween edition of the PODSC, the perfect time for another very special and thrilling event with Halloween just around the corner. The 2015 PODC even took place on the holiday itself! The organizers invited all guests to join in the fun and bring their best Halloween spirit to the ballroom – costumes welcomed for a Paragon Open Costume Contest!

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