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Georgia Ambarian

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Hometown: North Carolina
Current location: Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Current status:

Georgia Ambarian has had many years of training in ballet, modern, jazz, and contemporary. NDCA member, adjudicator in all category. Owner and instructor in Light Energy Dancing and Luna Ballroom ballroom dance studios.


Georgia Ambarian came from traditional dance training, and graduated high school from North Carolina School of the Arts and graduated with a bachelor of fine arts from The Boston Conservatory. She has had many years of training in ballet, modern, jazz, and contemporary. In addition to training students of all ages in the traditional forms, Georgia has also been a certified yoga and Pilates instructor.

Ballroom dancing presented itself as a new outlet for her skills when she was introduced to one of the ballroom studios in the country, Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Fort Walton Beach, FL. Being blessed with the opportunity to begin her training with the legendary Bruno Collins and Luann Pulliam set Georgia up for a major career change she could never have imagined and has never regretted.

Georgia Ambarian and her partner Eric Luna have enjoyed an 12 years partnership together and are still finding new ways to explore dance together. Having won 5 Time World Championship, 5 Time US National Championships and the Blackpool Invitational has allowed Eric and Georgia the opportunity to share thier craft with a great many people. They have had the chance to dance for crowds in Hong Kong, Germany, Poland, Mexico, Canada, South Africa and of course, all over America. Eric Luna and Georgia Amabrian have also been 2 time guest performers on "Dancing with the Stars", been guest perfomers on "So You Think You Can Dance", and featured performers on "America's Ballroom Challenge" and "Superstars of Dance". Georgia and Eric do not compete any more, they are still performing regularly and in the process of creating new work for their 2015 shows. They are available for shows, coaching and choreography. Also they owners and instructors in The Light Energy Dancing and Luna Ballroom dance studio. Georgia is a member of National Dance Council of America (NDCA), Certified Dance Teacher Fred Astaire Dance Studios and Adjudicator in International Standard, Latin, American Smooth, American Rhythm and Theatrical Style.


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