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Renata Shvarts

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Born: April 30, 1978
Hometown: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Current location: Brooklyn, New York
Current status:

Renata Shvarts is a former Professional Ballroom dancer as well as a certified WDSF World Class Adjudicator. Not only is Renata the Chair of Judges with USA Dance and the World DanceSport Federation, but she is also the owner of her own dance studio, Basic Ballroom (2 locations), as well as the co-organizer of Islanders DanceSport Challenge and the Liberty Ball.


Renata's competitive dancing career as an athlete was very rewarding and successful. Along with her dance partner and husband Anatoliy Shvarts, they have won and placed in finals of numerous regional Professional Rising Star Latin and Open Championships.

Some of their results include placing third at the USA Dance National DanceSport Championships held in Miami, Florida, in the Amateur Latin Division and 7th at the Professional Rising Star Latin Championships.

Anatoliy and Renata have also traveled and competed extensively abroad, becoming vice-champions in the Professional Open Rising Star Latin Championships at La Classique Du Québec held in Montreal, Canada.

The couple also reached the quarter-finals at the world's prestigious German Open Championships (GOC) in Mannheim, Germany as well as in the The International Championship Rising Star Latin division (London, England). They were very fortunate to represent the United States at the World Masters Invitational Championships hosted in Innsbruk, Austria.

Successful Career after Competing

Renata Shvarts is a certified WDSF World Class Adjudicator and a Chair of Judges with USA Dance and the World DanceSport Federation. She has been privileged to adjudicate some of the largest and most prestigious dance competitions in the USA as well as abroad including the WDSF Grand Slam Amateur Latin Championships (2013-2015), the USA Dance National DanceSport Championships (2013-2016), the WDSF World Standard Senior I DanceSport Championships, and the WDSF Toronto Open in Canada (2013-2015).

Renata Shvarts is also the founder and co-owner of Basic Ballroom, a dance studio which is considered one of the top competitive Latin dance studios in New York. Currently, there are two successful locations in Brooklyn and Staten Island: “Basic Ballroom – Brooklyn” and “Basic Ballroom – Staten Island”.

Her students have been competing in, and winning major Ballroom dance championships worldwide; some of them have been the Blackpool Junior Dance Festival Latin finalists, United States Junior and Youth Latin and 10 Dance finalists as well as representatives to the world. Several former students have been participants on television programs such as “Dancing with the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance”.

For numerous past years, Renata has been the President of the Junior Athletes DanceSport Association (JADA), where she lobbies for the interests of junior dancers in the United States. JADA also provides affordable dance education options and opportunities for young dancers to grow and succeed.

Renata holds a Masters Degree in Education and has been a member of the "Screen Actors Guild of America" (SAG). Being involved with SAG allowed Renata to take part in many events, such as theater and movie productions including the "Wedding SOS TV program" where she was a featured dance teacher, "Sex in the City", where she was a featured dancer, "Dance With Me", a music video with Vanessa Williams and Chayenne, "Zelimo", where she was a gypsy dancer, and in "Let It Be Me", where she was a principal dancer.


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Work with SAG

  • Member of the "Screen Actors Guild of America" (SAG)
  • Being involved with SAG allowed Renata to take part in many events, such as theater and movie productions including:
    • "Wedding SOS TV program" (featured dance teacher)
    • "Sex in the City" (dancer)
    • "Dance With Me", music video with Vanessa Williams and Chayenne
    • "Zelimo" (gypsy dancer)
    • "Let It Be Me" (principal dancer)

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