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Daniel Calloway

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Born: September 13, 1958
Current location: United States
Current status:

Daniel Calloway is a former professional ballroom dancer specialize in both International Style Standard and Latin. USA Dance member, a World Cup Adjudicator and World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) Certified.


Daniel Calloway has been competing professionally, coaching and judging for almost 40 years, repeatedly earning the distinctions of “Professional of the Year” and “Top Teacher” at many national level events and within numerous dance organizations.

In 1985 Dan was the youngest dual fellow in the world with highly commended fellowships in the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, the London-based society, which embodies the world’s acknowledged leaders of the dance profession.

USA Dance member, a World Cup Adjudicator and World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) Certified, Dan enjoys judging around the world with recent trips to England, France, Switzerland, and Canada. He has served as the Chairman of Judges at the North American and USA Dance National DanceSport Championships and many other national level events.

Dan is also the Ballroom Dance coach for the competitive DanceSport team at Georgetown University, as well as serving as guest coach at numerous other universities, congresses, and dance camps, including moderating the professional discussion panels at key events in the United States. Dan has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and Religion and a Master of Arts degree in English Literature.



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