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Katusha Wilder

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Born: November 25
Hometown: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Current location: New York, NY (USA)
Current status:

Katusha Wilder is a current Professional Ballroom Dancer who specializes in 10 Dance, International Standard, and International Latin. She has represented the USA multiple times in the World Ballroom and Latin Championships along with husband and partner Ruslan Wilder. They are the owners of the Championship Dance Camps.


Katusha Wilder started dancing at the age of 7 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

After getting married to Ruslan Wilder in 2002, the couple continued their dance career together. Since then, they have acquired many various top titles in the United States and around the world in the DanceSport industry. Some of these titles include 2012 U.S. Representatives to the World in the Professional International Standard (Ballroom) Championships, U.S. Representatives to the World in the Professional 10 Dance Championships, World Professional 10 Dance Championship Finalists, and U.S. Professional Rising Star Standard Finalists.

Together, Ruslan and Katusha have performed shows for such stars as Steve Wynn, Aprille Millo, and Nigel Lythgoe, and have been featured as star performers for Capezio's 125th Anniversary Show as well as on major TV networks such as ABC, NBC, FOX, TNT, and CNN.

In addition to teaching, coaching and performing shows, Ruslan and Katusha are owners of the Championship Dance Camps and organizers of the Independence Day Ball Dance Camp which takes place annually around the July 4th weekend in Washington, DC.

Back Again

Ruslan and Katusha have recently competed once again after a five year break since their last record of competition in 2011. They have attended the Austrian Open Championships on November 20, 2016, dancing in the WDSF PD Latin Show Dance World Championships. They have also attended the WDSF Moscow on the 4th of December, 2016, competing in the WDSF PD Latin World Championship.


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